Interview with Thomas Gold

Interview Below (Above Track: Trio – Arty, Matisse & Sadko)

Thomas Gold has the most fitting surname in electronic music. Constantly displaying an affinity for the highest standards of production and mixing, Gold has become one of the most popular artists in the world. From his championed remix of Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’, to massive collaborative efforts with Dirty South and Axwell  – the German DJ/Producer is a musical super-talent. Heralded for exceptional live sets, Gold’s creativity behind the turntables often speaks louder than the tracks he plays at nightclubs around the world.

Performing last Friday at Playhouse in downtown Hollywood, Gold weaved in and out of big-room anthems and swooping melodies like a formula-one driver ripping through Monaco. Detonating the sold-out crowd with pounding bass and angelic vocals, the Berliner played for three-plus hours, dropping everything from ‘Atom’ by Nari & Milani to edits featuring Coldplay and Adele. He was the host of a party that never wanted to end and fully demonstrated his unparalleled talent when it comes to electronic music.


 Thomas was kind enough to take some time away from his house music crusade across North America to answer some exclusive questions:


How did you become involved in electronic music and when did you know it was something you wanted to pursue as a career?

Thomas Gold: I was around 15 years when I got into house music and I loved it from the beginning! I was already playing keyboards and I started to do my own original tracks immediately. Of course it took a while and I needed to get some more equipment but it had always been my dream to make club music professionally.

What does house music mean for you?

TG: Oh, for me it means so much. I love the grooves, I love the way songs and tracks are built and I love the all over sound of house music – punchy, phat bass sounds and big melodies. There are so many ways to produce house music and I love the fact that you can combine loads of different styles. And…. it’s just perfect to dance and party to!

Are you looking forward to the next few weeks and the North American festival season? Some big upcoming shows and then parties at Miami Music Week – it has to be very exciting. 

TG: Yes, definitely! I can’t wait for all those great gigs and shows to happen! I’m finally back to Playhouse & then I go on to do gigs in San Diego, San Francisco and Mexico and then it’s Miami Music Week time which I’m super excited about as I will have my very own event there for the first time! I’m also at the infamous Masquerade Motel which I´m really happy to be part of again! And yes – I’m looking forward to all the festivals this year, last year was incredible!

Is there one city or gig you are particularly looking forward to in the next few months?

TG: There’s so much good stuff coming up now, but of course Miami Music Week is kind of a highlight and I’m also really hyped about EDC.

You are one of the ‘judges’ for the upcoming DJ competition organized by Axwell and his management, what’s the one thing that will separate an average mix from the winning one – in your mind?

TG: I think it’s a couple of things. For me the track selection is important, how they fit together musically and stylewise. Then how the tracks are mixed, there should be always a nice flow of energy throughout the mix with highs and lows to keep it interesting. For me it’s important to get a nice all over vibe throughout the mix. A good mix should catch your interest, make you keep listening and it should make me want to dance.

You are constantly regarded as one of the most creative live mixers & producers in the industry – is there one thing you try to accomplish with all of your sets or tracks?

TG: I always try to make my sets (and my tracks!) energetic and uplifting, but also I want to be musical with loads of chords and melodies. Music is a total emotional thing, so for me it’s all about creating a good vibe either when I produce a track or a remix or when I play live.

Is there one particular artist or producer you want to collaborate with or remix this year?

TG: There is some stuff in the pipeline already, which I’m very excited about but I can’t talk about it yet…!

Which city in the US is the perfect capital for dance music, as New Orleans is for jazz?

TG: It’s hard to choose THE ONE city. But except for New York and the New York area I would say it is Miami, Vegas and of course the L.A. Region & California in general. Seems the nice & sunny weather here is perfect for production & partying. So many good clubs here, and people are so into this kind of music, they have so much fun and give so much love while partying. All those cities have a huge dance music scene now but to be honest there are also many other cities in the States having a great scene as well or just catching up right now…

Lastly, if you could script your perfect party, what would it be? (Venue, Openers, Time period, Beverages, etc…all the details are up to you)

TG: Oh, I think I would go somewhere on top of a hill, where you can see west & east, north & south – open air, warm clear weather, getting a super-phat sound system, with an astonishing laser system, big LED wall and then before sun rises, everything drops down to a pure & reduced atmosphere, and lots of live drummers would play. Never ending supply of drinks of course and hangover breakfast for everybody afterwards – free Berlin Currywurst for everyone!


A big thank you to Thomas Gold for his time, and be sure to keep an eye out as he will be playing several parties as well as headlining his own in Miami during the Winter Music Conference next week. He is slated for all the major festivals this summer and has several notable projects underway to begin 2012!


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