CUE THE SOUND is a multi-genre music project created to help promote and share music with readers all over the world. Developed to spread a passion for melodies and rhythm, Cue The Sound aims to publish a wealth of music information for readers on a daily basis. Working with artists, record labels, press representatives and other sites – Cue The Sound aims to be an innovatie platform where music fans can discover everything they need.

Founded in Los Angeles, CA, Cue The Sound is a hybrid-site developed as an idea branching from EDM Rolodex. Focusing mainly on electronic & dance music to begin – Cue The Sound will eventually encompass all genres. We will gladly accept guest posts & contributors – see the contact page.

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DOWNLOADS: All mp3′s are for promotional use only. If you enjoy a track or album, purchase it via the musical outlet links provided (iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, etc.) All mixes or podcasts were sent via the artists, other sites, or posted via iTunes.

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