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CUE THE SOUND is a multi-genre music project created to help promote and share music with readers all over the world. Developed to spread a passion for melodies and rhythm, Cue The Sound aims to publish a wealth of music information for readers on a daily basis. Working with artists, record labels, press representatives and other sites – Cue The Sound is a destination where fans can find everything they need.

Founded in Los Angeles, CA, Cue The Sound is a hybrid-site developed as an idea branching from EDM Rolodex. Focusing mainly on electronic & dance music to begin – Cue The Sound will eventually encompass all genres. We will gladly accept guest posts & contributors – see the contact page.


A variety of individuals frequent Cue the Sound. Set to showcase a wide range of music genres, the site attracts fans with many different styles and tastes. Whether it is the alternative rocker, coffer house guitarist, or the house music clubber – Cue the Sound aims to please and inspire fans and artists alike.

Why advertise on CUE THE SOUND?

By advertising on Cue the Sound  you will be able to reach a global audience of targeted readers. Because music is one of the most searched items on the Internet, you can be sure to always reach the demographics you are targeting. If you are seeking musicians and fans alike – this site is a very effective place to get your message and communication to millions of prospects.

Cue the Sound will prove to be enormously cost effective. If you compare the cost of advertising on this site to similar websites with the same amount of traffic and demographics, you will find that our ads will always cost less. Once you purchase or subscribe to an ad at Cue the Sound, you will be able to track its success by viewing the impressions, CTR and the cost per click through.


What are the 5 ways to advertise on CUE THE SOUND?

1. Banner Advertising

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2. Sponsored Tweet

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3. Website Background Advertising

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4. RSS Feed Advertising

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5. Objective Sponsored Review or Interview (Sponsored Article)

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